Heather is a crime fiction writer. Her debut novel UNSOLVED will be published by Canelo Crime on 11 May 2023. UNSOLVED will be followed by two more books in the Cal Lovett series. For occasional book and writing updates, subscribe here.

True crime podcaster Cal Lovett is still scarred by the disappearance of his sister, Margot, who vanished when they were young. His latest episode – the cold case of missing girl Layla – drags up memories from his traumatic past. Did Layla simply run away from home, or is her fate much more sinister? Cal needs answers, but at what cost?

Someone out there made these girls vanish. Someone out there knows what happened. Someone out there isn’t speaking up…

Afraid of the Shadows, Afraid of the Christmas Lights and Afraid of the Light are short story anthologies of crime fiction in aid of The Samaritans, Esdas and Rights of Women. Heather’s stories ‘Meme Girl’, ‘Heavenly Peace’ and ‘Drowning in Debt’ appear in the 2021 and 2020 collections.

Photography by Helen Rosemier

About Heather

Heather Critchlow is a crime writer and business journalist. After studying history and social science at Cambridge University, she spent ten years writing and editing B2B magazines, before becoming a freelance writer and media consultant. Her work has appeared in The Times and Dow Jones Financial News as well as a range of specialist titles. Heather’s debut novel Unspoken will be published in February 2023 by Canelo and is the first in a three-book series featuring true crime podcaster Cal Lovett. Her short stories are featured in Afraid of the Light, Afraid of the Christmas Lights and Afraid of the Shadows, collections of stories written by crime writers, published in 2020 and 2021. She lives in St Albans.